F.No.: 34-89/AIIMS/Exam.Sec.INORCET-2021 Ord January, 2022 
With reference to Result Notification No. 198/2021 dated 15"1 December 2021 of Nursing Officer Recruitment Common Eligibility Test (NORCET)-2021 Qualified and provisionally Eligible candidate on the basis of preliminary verification on the basis of details provided at the time of registration are hereby invited to apply online by filling choice of institute & their order of preference against vacancy for the post of Nursing Officer of respective Institute as per eligibility on the basis of NORCET-2021 Rank. 
The panel for application for Individual Institute/Hospital will be opened from 04.01.2022 to 10.01.2022 (upto 05.00 PM). 
All provisionally eligible candidates are required to login using credentials for online registration and Sign-Up for Institute application portal on website WwW-aiimsexams ar in  
No correspondence will be entertained after date and time specified above. 
Please visit the website as all Important Notices/Corrigendum/ Addendum /Updates etc. will only be uploaded on the website. 
Sd/- Assistant Controller (Exams) 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Who can apply for online seat allocation process?

Only candidates fulfilling all eligibility criteria (including the allowed relaxations), as per Advt. Notice No. 149/2021 dated 16.10.2021 for all AIIMS and Advt. dated 16.10.2021 for 04 Central Govt. Hospitals, and qualified in NORCET -2021 (result notification no. 198/2021 dated 15.12.2021) will be provisionally allowed to participate in the online process of application and allocation of Institute.

2. How can a candidate apply for online Seat allocation?

The qualified and eligible candidates will have to login to their MyPage to apply for Online Allocation of Institute/Hospitals. The link for the portal to apply for post of Nursing Officer in various AIIMS/Central Govt. Hospitals at Delhi will be activated only for qualified and eligible candidates in the MyPage.

3. Can a candidate apply for more than one Institute/Hospitals?

Yes, a candidate can apply in as many institute as they wish to apply subject to their eligibility for the institutes/hospitals.

4. Can a candidate apply for all AIIMS and 04 Central Govt. Hospitals?

Yes, a candidate can apply for all AIIMS and 04 central Govt. Hospitals if fulfil the eligibility criteria for the same. The order of preference of allocation will be applicable as filled by the candidate in order of merit. Only one Institute will be allocated out of filled choices as applicable.

5.         Can a candidate be allowed to change choices or order of preference or add new

choices of AIIMS/Hospital where not applied in Stage I at later stage or in subsequent round ?

NO. Choices and order of preference once filled at Stage — I cannot be changed at later stages. No correspondence in this regard will be entertained.

6. Can a Candidate be allocated seat in both AIIMS and Central Govt. Hospitals?

No, a Candidate will be allocated seat only one institute based on merit and preference filled for online seat allocation.

7.    Whether a candidate be considered for seat allocation where he/she has not filled


No, Candidates will be considered for online seat allocation where they have filled choice/order of preference. No candidate will be allocated institute where they have not filled choice/order of preference.

8.       What is OPTION-1 and OPTION-2?

OPTION-1 & 2 are subject to other criteria as published in information brochure. However in general it means as follows:-

OPTION-1:             Accept & wish to Report & Join at allocated Institute and do not want to

participate in subsequent rounds of Institute allocation.

OPTION-2:         Accept and Want to participate in subsequent rounds (if any) of Institute

allocation to upgrade to another Institute which was higher in order of preference at the time application for Institute and where no offer has been made.

(Candidate who has selected OPTION-2 Shall also complete other processes as required but will not be able to join on allocated Institute till further instructions.).

Candidates who have chosen OPTION 2 should NOT be allowed to Join, as they may be allotted another AIIMS during further rounds of Institute Allocation.

9. What is the time validity of category certificates provided by the candidates for the

Purpose of NORCET 2021?

Validity of community certificates are as follows:

1.  OBC(NCL):- OBC(NCL) Certificate should be issued between 01.04.2021 to 31.03.2022 (Both dates inclusive).

2.  EWS:- EWS Certificate should be issued between 01.04.2021 to 31.03.2022 (Both dates inclusive).

However a candidate must possess all certificate as required on the day of accepting/reporting.

10. What will happen to candidates who have not uploaded any document in portal?

Candidature of all such candidate will be cancelled with approval of competent authority before allocation of subsequent round.